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I only have a few minutes at the moment to dash this bitch off, but it has been a while, so I thought I would jot something down nonetheless.  

There are two weeks left for  the semester.  I can make it, I think.  The difficult part is going to be focusing long enough on what I need to be doing to actually get it done.  Shouldn't be a problem if I can keep my nuts from getting busted.  I mean this in the academic way, the job way, and the social way.  Not enough time or the proper clearance to go into all of that at the moment, but I will be back to edit later. 

My PS3 is bricked, i.e. it has stopped working.  I will be buying a new one as soon as I can justify the money being spent/ need to play a game so bad I can't stand it anymore.  More on this later as well. 

I have to go, but I will fill in some of these blanks later.  Until then!


It is a couple hours later and I have nothing but time, so here we go.

School is school.  No surprises there.  I have two finals left and as soon as I get the damn prompts, I will write those papers and be done with it.  This will most certainly be complicated by the other two things I mentioned earlier.  I have a new job proposition here at school, doing something that is completely different from what I have been doing.  I would be more specific, but I am really not supposed to be talking about it in great detail, so I better stick to that.  It will probably be fun, it is just that I have to start doing some prelim work for that position this week and I am not too sure how I am going to fit it in, but I will do what I can and make it work.  Combine all of that with the fact that I have Mary-E wanting to hang out before she leaves forever, something that I understand but doesn't get easier to deal with.  I know she wants to hang out, and I know that I will more likely than not instigate those hang out times myself.  As such she does her best, but it usually transpires when I about to go do something else.  As such it looks like I am avoiding her.  Should I schedule my life different for the next two weeks?  Maybe.  Am I?  I haven't decided yet.  

Like I said earlier, my PS3 decided it didn't want to do its job anymore and quit.  This would be fine except I want it to work and finding another PS3 to fill the space it is leaving is going to run me a pretty penny, something that I don't quite have at the moment.  Granted, if I didn't spend my money like it was going out of style, this would be less of an issue, but since I have been doing a bit of that the past couple of weeks, this is the position I find myself in.  It will work out, and will probably aid in the focus I was referring to earlier as well.  It is truly a minor frustration, but one that I would prefer not have to deal with.  

I just got back from seeing Me and Orson Welles, a fine film but not spectacular.  Christian McKee was amazing though, holy shit.  He worked that shiz.  Efron was OK, I guess.  Overall, I enjoyed myself.  Saw A Prophet on Thursday and it was truly incredible.  A real must see if you can. 

I am pretty sure I am losing my hair and not in a dignified way either.  Like in patches scattered across my head.  I am fairly certain that it doesn't show that bad, but what do I care.  Not like anyone is commenting on it yet, so I might just be making it all up.  

Anyway, this kind of spiraled out of control at the end.  Sorry.  Life is OK, my health seems to be making it, I shouldn't be complaining.  So I won't.  Till next time.
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