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Christmas was rather interesting this year, what with the weather and the lack of people around that I am still not used to being gone. It was a good time despite these things and I have been sitting in my apartment for the last day and a half, reading Infinite Jest,which is a huge book I got for Christmas last year and was unable to finish before or during the semester last spring.  Not that this year is any smoother, but I am going to try and have it done by February.  I think I can do it.  

All of this sitting around has made me realize the way I understand myself and the way I interact with others.  I am not good at it because I fail to see how it is aiding me.  This does not apply to everyone I meet, for there are certainly people that it pays to be wonderfully nice to, but as far as a regular schmoe on the street, I have trouble being the best person in the world when it comes to dealing with him or her.  I am surprisingly ill-equipped for dealing with being alone, something that I want to be more times than not.  Irony abounds.  And time hurtles forward. 

I am turning 23 in seven days.  Weird.  I was telling a friend that this year is going to be a throwback to elementary school: no one will be at the party.  Granted, this time it will be because they are snowed into their homes all across the nation, but the effect will be the same.  I will grow more bitter and everyone else will go on about their business.  I am sure this is another case of me pretending to not care about something that I actually really care about, but what the fuck do I care if that is the case.  The more I look at things and gather information, the more I realize that I am really not ready for anything that is happening to me. 

Must.  Grow.  Balls.  

Arcade Fire is not as good as people told me they were.  I may be full of angst, but these guys are not tapping into whatever is ailing me.  Kid Cudi, however, rocks the fucking house and deserves the positive press that he is garnering.  How is that for a music review?

I know it had been a while, and it is likely to be another long spate before I update again.  But you never know.  Something crazy might happen.
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