Pavmonis (theo_the_honest) wrote,

Man, I haven't posted in forever, but that is about to change, as you have probably already assumed, since you are reading this. 

There is a month of school left and as usual, I am shitting my pants with 7 papers to write in that time.  I shouldn't feel as bad as I do since I have been more or less working on the research components of these papers for a while now, but the fact that the time to write them is upon me makes me want to kick and scream.  I think if I am able to get one done, that will start a chain reaction that will end with a clean slate and a modicum of free time that I shouldn't have right now, but I kinda make anyway. 

Started It a couple of days ago, and so far it isn't bad.  Admittedly I am only 80 pages into an 1100 page book, but you know.  Whatever.  

Kind of weird now that Mary-E has canceled her LJ and doesn't talk to me anymore.  Unless you count the oddly nice facebook message she sent me today.  I kept waiting for it to explode and it never did.  Anyway, there is just one person that reads this now, and the bulk of the sweet stuff I have been up to lately was done with that person, so I will leave that be.  

That's all for now. 
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