Pavmonis (theo_the_honest) wrote,

As a facebook friend's status made me realize, there is approximately a month of school left. This semester has flown by and I am not sure how I feel about it. I still have a good chunk of work to do, namely papers and a bit of reading, but I have no choice but to get it done. It will not be fun, I can tell you that.

Freedom rarely leads to feeling free. Good to know.
Even when I have what I think I want, I am not happy. Also good to know.
I will one day win the game I am playing. This I must remember.
Novel thoughts are rarely original. Too bad they don't teach you that in school.
Tomorrow is a new day. I will do my best to make it through.

Listening has never been a problem for me, but hearing has. The necessary staring at a person that is talking is something that I can do with the best of them, but I am finding that I am no good at employing the words that I are thrust in my ears.
Communicating is something I feel I do well, oddly enough. I am full of words of my own construction and am able to throw them up and out with little to no effort. Sometimes I even make sense when I do it.
What is the point of this post? I can hear you asking.

And I will never tell. For the deed is done, and it can't be undone. The future is all that matters.
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